Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tangled Review

I received Tangled as an Easter present and it is now one of my favorite movies! It's a great family movie and it is filled with humor!

If your not sure about this movie just keep reading...I think I can change your mind. ;)

A sick queen about to give birth is in need of a magical golden flower with healing powers. This flower has been used by an old lady, named Gothel, to make her young over and over again. When the Queen's guards find the special flower to help her, Gothel follows them to take the flower back. She is too late though! The Queen has already eaten the petals of the flower and has been healed. She gives birth to a beautiful baby girl with long, golden hair. She is named Rapunzel.

Gothel is still in need of the flower's powers to make her young again. She finds out that the powers of the flower were transferred to Rapunzel's hair. Gothel thought the best idea was to break into the palace and cut a little piece of hair from the baby girl. That way she could keep some of the power for herself. But when she cut the small piece hair the powers faded and it turned brown. Gothel knew the only way she could have the powers was to take the whole package. Rapunzel was kidnapped that day by Gothel.

Gothel had taken Rapunzel to the tower where she lived and raised her there as her daughter. Rapunzel was never allowed outside of the tower because Gothel wanted to keep her hair safe. If anything happend to Rapunzel's hair Gothel would turn old again. Rapunzel's hair grew long and beautifully and Gothel was very proud of it. Every time Rapunzel would sing her hair would glow and give Gothel her youth back. But Rapunzel was unaware of what her "mother" wanted her for. She knew her hair was magical but she didn't know that the one person she should keep her hair away from was the one person keeping her in that tower.

Every year on her birthday, Rapunzel saw these beautiful, floating lights that lit up the sky. She wanted to know where they came from and see them up close more than anything. Little did she know that the King and Queen sent them out every year on their little girl's birthday hoping that she would come back to them.
Rapunzel had asked Gothel if she could go see the lights. Of course the answer was no.

One day when Gothel was out, Flynn Rider, a thief, was being chased by guards because he had stolen the missing princess's tirara. Trying to find a place to hide, he stumbles upon the hidden tower and climbs up. Rapunzel is extremely frightened when she finds a man in her house. She decides to take action by knocking him out and tieing him up with her hair. When he regains consciousness, she persuades him to take her to the lights. She uses the tirara as a bargaining chip.  If he takes her to the lights, he can have his tirara back.
Of course he has no choice so he agrees to take her.

They go on an awesome journey filled with many obstacles and funny moments. Throughout the movie Gothel and the guards are chasing them. I will not tell you the end because it would completely ruin the movie for you! Will Rapunzel get to see the lights? Will Flynn get put in prison for his crime? With the King and Queen find their lost daughter? You will have to see for yourself!

This movie is now available at redbox and anywhere where movies are sold! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deep Deep Depression...

This week I was told to write a post about depression. At first, just thinking about it was making me feel depressed. But after I started researching, I realized that it wasn't that hard to do. I just needed to stop thinking about how hard it was and just DO IT! This is one of the causes of depression. STRESS! If you are extremely busy and you think there is no way of getting everything done you will become depressed.

Here are a couple more causes of depression:


I know it sounds weird, but if you grew up in a home where everyone was depressed that's what your natural behavior will be.


This is an obvious one. If you worry a lot you are bound to become depressed at some point. Don't think too much about "what if" or "what will happen to me." Everything has it's way of working out and you just need to trust that God has a plan.

Depression can be very harmful to your body. It will give you stomach and head aches, bone and joint pains, changes in your weight, sleeping problems, anxiety, and irritability. If all of these things start happening to you you will get even more depressed and your symptoms will become even worse.

Medical treatment is highly recommended for all types of depression. But do not just rely on medications. Talk to friends and family, exercises regularly, and get out as much as possible. Fresh air and company of other people will help you to relax and enjoy life. After you start treatment you need to be patient. Your symptoms will not go away right away. It will take time. Just be committed and keep going. Once you're done with treatment you will feel much better and have a whole new perspective on life.

Here is a story about a teen age girl with depression:

Raven was like any other little girl. She went to school, did her homework, and hung out with friends. The only difference in her life was that depression ran in her family. Her Grandmother had committed suicide because of depression and so had he Great Grandma. Raven's Dad had died when she was little so she was forced to grow up without a dad. She felt empty inside, like life wasn't worth living. That's pretty much what she had been taught to think. She started telling her friends that she wanted to commit suicide when she was in sixth grade! She didn't know why, it just felt like what she should do.

When she got to high school things got even worse. Her Mom had made her transfer to a new school in the middle of her freshman year. That didn't help at all because she had no friends. She would sit at the lunch table by herself feeling like life wasn't worth living. Raven knew she had depression. She tried to tell her Mom but she wouldn't believe her. She thought it was something that teenagers just told their parents to get attention. Raven got so upset that she started to cut herself. It soon became a daily habit for her.

She finally couldn't take it any more. She knew she need help. Raven finally made an appointment with the doctor and had one of her friends drive her. She was recommended to a psychiatrist so she was forced to tell her Mom. Her Mom finally believed her because of what the doctor had said.

Raven started going to therapy and took a million different medications. None of them seemed to help. She still felt empty, lonely, and she wanted to kill herself. She attempted suicide but her Mom put her in a hospital for teen help. That didn't work either.

Sometime that year she went to a Christian youth conference. What she heard there was unbelievable. She had no idea that Jesus could save you, no idea that you could ask Him for anything, and no idea that all she had to do was believe. She was AMAZED! That day she became a Christian and asked God to help her with her problems. And soon enough she was feeling better than ever. She had a reason to live, she didn't feel empty, and she didn't feel lonely. All she needed was Jesus!

If you don't take action you could end up being like Raven( before she was saved) or one of the 5,000 people a year who commit suicide because of depression. Don't let depression kill you. Get help and take care of it. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things to Look for in a Husband

Have you ever thought who your future husband is gonna be? Of course, this post doesn't apply to guys unless you just want to read this post for the fun of it. Haha! Anyway, who do think it will be? Is it someone you've known your whole life? Someone you just met? Or someone that you don't even know exits?  We don't know who it is or who it will be so all we do right now is wait. Right? Well you don't have to JUST wait. You can make a list of things that you want in a guy. It will help you chose the right one when the time comes. :)

Here are the top 5 things that I would look for in a guy!

1. He has to be a Christian.

If he is not a Christian and doesn't have any relationship with Jesus, I can't even consider him. It's not just an opinion I have, it's something I'm supposed to do. It a Christian and a non-christian get married in could drag the Christian down and even destroy the marriage. Plus the Bible clearly tells ALL Christians NOT to marry non-Christians.

2. He has to have a love for music!

Music is a HUGE part of my life! I love to sing, play the keyboard, and pretend I know how to play the drums! :) If I could, I would have music playing ALL the time! I need someone who can share the same love for music that I have!

3. He needs to get along with my friends and family.

Anyone who does not respect my family and friends are immediately eliminated from my list. If he didn't get along with your family when you were dating do you really think things will change when you get married. Probably not! You need to find someone who gets along with people who are the closest to you. :)

4. He has to respect me.

Any guy who doesn't respect you deserves to be dumped in the garbage! Don't let him order you around and tell you what to do. You may say "but he always says sorry and treats me so nice afterwards because he feels so bad." SOOOOOO!!!! If he says sorry and does it again it means NOTHING! Dump that sucker! I need a guy who respects me and I will also respect him.

5. Looks (Of course)

No, I'm not shallow! I don't really like a guy because of his looks. Looks are just one thing that make you like him more. If you're not attracted to a guy then it's probably not a good idea to date him. You just won't look at him as a boy friend just more as a friend. Don't fell bad. He will find someone else who thinks he looks better than Brad Pitt(maybe)! ;)

So that was my example of a list of things to look for in a husband. Make one of your own! It's not that hard and it will help you in the future! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to make Amazon and Google adsense accounts!

In this post I'm going to show you how to do two different things. 1: How to make an Amazon account and 2: How to make a google AdSense account. Both accounts can be very beneficial to you. Amazon is a website that allows you to sell items that you own and buy items from others. Google AdSense is completely different. It allows you to advertise google adds on your blog and anytime someone clicks on that add you get a commission( usually 10 cents or something but it adds up)!

I will start you with step by step directions to make an Amazon account!

1-Open your Internet window and type into your browser. You will come to the front page.

2. Click on "Start Here" to begin making your account. You will come to the sign in page.

3. Make sure you are marked as "not a member." Enter your e-mail address and click "sign in using our secure server."

4. Enter your name, verify your e-mail, and enter your birthday if your wish(it's optional). Come up with a unique password that only you will remember and enter it twice in the space provided.

5. After you click "continue" you have officially made an Amazon account!

Now we can move on to the step by step directions to make a Google AdSense account!

1. The first thing you going to want to do is do research on "google AdSense program policies" and make sure you understand this program and how it works.

2. Go to the Google AdSense home page and click on the "sign up now" button.

3. You will come to an application page that requires the following information: Your blog's URL, primary language, you'll need to answer questions related to the program, and provide payment info so you can be paid for your services.

After all that is filled out your account is made! You will want to browse the options of advertisements available to you so you know what's right for your blog. Have fun choosing templates and size variety for your add. Enter your HTML code where it asks and watch it collect your money. It's that easy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Save on Prom!!!


Every girls dream? You get to wear a beautiful dress, amazing shoes, get your hair done, and dance all night! A night girls look forward to from the time they hit Jr. High. So why does it have to be so expensive? I mean think of the costs: Ticket, Dress, Hair, Make-up, Shoes, wristlet, cover-up for dress, Jewelry, and nails!!! Here's a list of the average costs.
-Ticket: $30-$40
-Dress: $100- $150
-Hair: $20-$30
-Shoes: $40
-Wristlet: $25
-Cover-up: $50
-Jewelry: $60
-Nails: $20

WOW!!! I don't know about you but that would probably cost me about a years allowance! That's way to much money for one night! So I'm writing this post to show you how you can attend your prom without emptying your wallet! :)

Well you can't do much about the price of your ticket since it covers the cost of everything there. So let's move on to the dress.


A lot of girls buy their dress about a month or two before prom. They want to look at every dress, every size, every style. And when they find one they love it just happens to be the most expensive one in the store. All that is so unnecessary! Keep your eyes open for a dress way before prom. While your shopping for your winter clothes, look for sales on last years dresses. The styles don't change dramatically so it won't be one of those "sooo last year" dresses. :) Also look at resale shops and garage sales. You can find dresses there from 20 to 50 dollars. That saves you about a hundred dollars.


Now for the hair! It's got to be perfect so I just have to get it done professionally right? Wrong! Find a relative or a friend who has experience and who is willing to do your hair for free. Maybe you can buy them a little thank you gift to show your appreciation. Or if you're going with a group of girls you can all get together in the afternoon and do each others hair. Either of these options would save you 20 to 30 dollars!


 Make-up time!!! You don't need to spend $20 to get it done professionally. Buy some pretty make-up from walmart or use what you have. Either do it yourself, ask a friend, or even have your mom do it. Your mom has to have a lot more make- up experience than you anyway. :)


You don't need to buy the perfect pumps or the highest heels. If you have a long enough dress you could wear flats or even a pair of shoes that you already have. If you have a shorter dress you may want to find a new pair. But that doesn't mean they have to cost $40! I found a very nice pair of shoes from payless for $25 and I can wear them again(not just to prom). You could borrow a pair from a friend or even look at resale shops. :)


A wristlet is a total necessity. You need something to carry your phone, camera, money, and extra make-up. But it doesn't have to cost a fortune. I bought one from payless for $9 and I can use it for weddings and even as a wallet. No need to spend $25.


You will probably want to look for a cover-up the same places you would look for a dress. Stores throughout the year, resale shops, garage sales, and even online. Usually you don't have to try on a cover-up(like you have to with a dress) to know it fits. They mostly have standard sizes. Ordering online with coupon codes could save you lots of money.


Of course every girl needs jewelry but it doesn't have to cost 60 bucks. My dress is a halter top so I have no need for a necklace, but if you have a strapless, a necklace would make the dress look more complete. So you need a necklace and earrings. See if you have something already. Simple, silver, dangle earrings are always appropriate for any dress. A simple necklace that layers would be perfect. You could find exactly what your looking for on eBay. They have great jewelry for really low prices! Or you could borrow from a friend. Just make sure you get the jewelry back to them in the same condition it was in before.


No need to go get your nails done professionally. Have yourself, a friend, or your mom do them. French tip is always the best way to go. :) You could even go down to the dollar store and buy a set of fake nails for that night. It won't cost you more than $5. :)

So I hope all this information helped you. As you can see there are many different options for getting better deals on items. You don't have to buy something brand new and something you may want may be something you already have. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloody Wes Teague

Bloody Wes Teague is about an old fashioned cowboy who fell in love with a rich city girl. Abitha Claymore stole his heart while she was at her father’s ranch in Colorado. Weston Teague was determined to marry her and set off on a train to New York City to propose to her. She accepts his offer and they plan a wedding right away. The only problem is her father is not fond of any man who wants to marry her daughter. He has already set his mind on her marrying James Wood. James has threatened Teague to leave Abitha or he will be forced to kill him. Teague ignores his threats and goes on and marries Abitha.

The happy couple moves out west to a little ranch home in Wyoming. Abitha became pregnant and everything was going well until James Wood surprises Abitha at her home and kidnaps her and their care taker. He knows that Teague will follow them and he will have the pleasure of killing Teague in front of his wife.

When Teague finally catches up to them he is taken captive and shot in the middle of the river. He washes away with the current to make everyone, including Abitha, to believe that he's dead. He is found by a father and his son who took care of him for a few weeks until he healed well enough to travel on. Teague believes that Abitha is dead because he found her dress soaked in blood. What he doesn't know is that she had a miscarriage right after he was shot.

Teague is filled with anger and hatred and is on a mission to kill James Wood. When he reaches his location he finds Abitha alive and trapped in a house with her parents, the doctor, and their care taker. He rescues them and rides into town where Wood is at.

In the end, Teague takes care of James Wood for good and takes Abitha back home to their ranch. Teague finally earns Mr. Claymore's trust and respect.

This book is full of excitement that will make you wonder what's coming next. There are twists and turns
throughout the book to keep you guessing. Anyone looking for a good western book to read needs to read this book about a cowboy who doesn't give up for anything.

Voyal Glover is the author to this exciting book. If you would like to experiment all this excitement for yourself order a copy of Bloody Wes Teague! You won't regret reading it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Best E-readers

For my birthday this year I received the new NookColor! It took a long time for my mom to decide if she wanted to get me that one because there are so many different e-readers out there. You might be looking for an e-reader but you're not sure which one is the best. I'm going to give you a description of each one.


-The kobo e-reader is wireless. That means that you do not have to connect it to your computer to download e-books. You just need Wi-Fi. It has one GB of memory so it will hold up to 1,000 books. If you need more space you can buy a memory card separately up to 4 GB. There is a built in dictionary so if you see a word in your book that you don't understand you can look it up. It has up to a two week battery life! It has two different e-book available formats: ePub and PDF. You can download ebooks from They have many to choose from. The kobo is $99.99 and you can find it at Borders.
The kobo e-reader is more for someone who wants the device just to read.

Sony pocket edition

- This e-reader is not wireless so you have to use a USB cord and connect it to your computer to download books. It's a touch screen for easy navigation. It holds up to 2 GB of memory, enough for about 1,200 ebooks. Just like the kobo, this e-reader has up to a two week battery life! There is also a built-in dictionary. Formats available for e-book download are ePub, PDF, TXT, RTF, and BBeB. The paper-like screen makes it easy to read even in direct sunlight. The Sony pocket edition is $179.99 and you can find it at Borders.

Kindle 3

- The kinlde is not a touch screen and has a mechanical keyboard. It has Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connection. The Kindle comes with 4gb of memory space. You can download books, newspapers, and magazines. There is a web browser for easy interned connection. The Kindle has an amazing battery life. It can last without a single charge for up to 3 weeks. It is priced differently at certain places. The kindle is available at barnes and noble and

Sony daily edition

- This one has wireless connection. It can hold up to 2 gb of memory or with an extra card it can hold up to 32 gb. It has a touch screen display. I has a very long battery life of 22 hrs. It also has a built-in dictionary, audio player, and you can browse the web. E-book file formates available are ePub, PDF, TXT, RTF, and BBeB. It has a crips gray scale screen for a clear display. It is currently sold for $299.99 and available at Borders.

Velocity Micro

- This e-reader has wireless connection. It can hold up to 4 gb of memory or with an additional purchase of another memory card it can hold up to 32 gb. There is a battery life up to 10 hrs. It has an audio player so you can download songs and have it act as an mp3 player. It also had a built-in dictionary, calender, and alarm clock. Formats avilable for e-book downloads are ePub, PDF, TXT, and HTML. You can also browse the web and play videos. This e-reader also has a touch screen. It sells for $199.99 and you can find it at Borders.


- The Nook is a full touchscreen and has Wi-Fi +3G connenctivity. It has up to 2 gb of memory available. The Barnes and Noble Nookbook store has over 2 million titles so you will never run out of options. You can also download newspapers and magazines. It has exclusive "lend me" technoligy where you can lend and borrow book from your friends that also have the nook e-reader. There is also a web browser that you can use wirelessly. This e-reader has up to a ten day battery life. It sells for $149 and is available at Barnes and Noble.



-The NookColor is the e-reader with the most offered. It has everything the Nook has except no 3G wireless. In addition it has mutimedia(pictures and video viewer), an audio player, internet radio, crossword puzzles, chess, and sudoku. It also has COLOR!!! Every other e-reader is black and white but not this one. It has a color touch screen!!! It also has up to an eight hr. battery life and up to 8gb of memory(6,000 books). The NookColor is sold for $249 and available at Barnes and Noble.

All of these e-readers seem nice but obviously the NookColor offers the most. I have it and I use it all the time. It is the best e-reader you can buy! Of course, you might not want all the extra things that are included. You might just want the e-reader for books. Look at all the different possibilities and choose the one that fits you best.